Mediation is a way to settle legal disputes where you take control, the place where you solve your problem, not the lawyers, or the judges, or a jury of strangers.  Mediation can cost far less than conventional litigation.  You don't have to wait and end up in court; you can mediate your case before the lawsuit even begins.  Those unresolved issues don't have to end up costing you more than the problem was worth.

​The Parties come to the mediation, with or without lawyers, and work with the mediator to find the solution that suits the parties' needs.  Parties speak for themselves, in face-to-face meetings and discuss all of the issues confronting them in a confidential setting.

​Experienced in mediating cases across disciplines including: business disputes, breach of contract, probate, family law, employment, landlord tenant, and personal injury.


Mediation can help you grow your business.

Mediation for business development involves working together with other professionals including financial analysts, accountants and business development specialists, in a mediated setting  to provide you the technical expertise you need to make informed decisions. 

Mediation can facilitate all of your business negotiations by improving communications within your organization between you and your customers, lenders and investors, insuring smooth flow in your transactions.

As a business-minded professional and experienced mediator skilled in the art of diplomacy and negotiation, I can guide you to the next level in your business development.